Primary Cell Lines Panel Demographics

Demographics of the primary panel used for the PPTP in vitro testing

image of blue cells
Cell Line Diagnosis Treatment Site of specimen Age at Dx Gender
RD Embryonal Post-Tx* muscle 7 F
Rh41 Alveolar Post-Tx lung   F
Rh18 Embryonal DX§ perineum 2  
Rh30 Alveolar DX bone marrow 16 M
  Brain Tumor        
BT-12 Atypical teratoid/rhabdoid DX      
SJ-GBM2 Glioblastoma multiforme Post-Tx brain 5 F
CHLA-266 Atypical teratoid/rhabdoid DX posterior fossa 1.5 F
  Ewings Family of Tumors (EFT)        
CHLA-9 PNET DX thorax 14 F
CHLA-10 PNET Post-TX thorax 14 F
CHLA-258 PNET Post-BMT** lung 12 F
TC-71 Ewings Post-Tx bone marrow 22 M
  Neuroblastoma MYCN status        
NB-1643 Neuroblastoma A DX adrenal mass <3  
NB-EBc1 Neuroblastoma NA Post-Tx retroperitoneal mass <3  
CHLA-90 Neuroblastoma NA Post-BMT bone marrow 8 M
CHLA-136 Neuroblastoma A Post-BMT blood 3 F
NALM-6 Pre-B cell ALL Post-Tx* peripheral blood 19 M
RS4;11 Pre-B cell ALL Post-Tx bone marrow 32 F
COG-LL-317 T-cell ALL Post-Tx bone marrow 1.7 M
MOLT-4 T-cell ALL Post-Tx peripheral blood 19 M
CCRF-CEM T-cell ALL Post-Tx peripheral blood 4 F
Kasumi-1 AML Post-BMT** peripheral blood 7 M
Karpas-299 Anaplastic Large Cell Post-Tx peripheral blood 25 M
Ramos-RA1 Burkitt's   peripheral blood 3 M

* Cell line established from patients at relapse following chemotherapy.
** Cell line established from patients at relapse following myeloablative chemotherapy supported by bone marrow transplantation.

§ Cell line established from patient at diagnosis prior to treatment.
† Genomic amplification of MYCN; A: amplified, NA: not amplified.